Cat Advice


Always be on the lookout for any symptoms of any ailments your cat might have contracted. Perform regular checks on your cat for illness. Here are some simple guides on how to perform these checks:

  • A nose to neck check up: Look at its head, are the ears clean and pink? Do they smell? Are its eyes bright, clear and focused? You must also check that there is no discharge from its eyes. Then open your cat's mouth and check that its gums are pink and its teeth are clean. Checking to see if your cat's nose is damp and cold is a myth; it has nothing to do with your cat's health!
  • Neck to tail: Feel your cat's body for lumps, puffiness, bumps, sores or any other irregularities and look for flea dirt (it looks like black pepper but turns red when wet), scratches and parasites. Check behind its ears, between its toes and also down the entire length of the tail.
  • You should brush your cat every so often, especially if it has long hair. This will help untangle fur, remove dead skin cells and loose fur. The more you brush your cat the less furballs it is likely to get.
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